Basic standard of quality requirements

Certificates and standards

  • Fabrication of steel structures accoding to STN EN 1090, DIN 15 018.
  • Fabrication of railway vehicle components according to STN EN 15085 CL1.
  • Requirement for welding quality according to STN EN ISO 3834-2. Complete contractual requirements for welding quality.
  • Oxygen cutting quality according to STN EN ISO 9013-442.
  • CNC machining according to STN EN ISO 21920, Accuracy level acc. to STN ISO 2768-1-m.
  • Preparation of welded steel surfaces according to STN EN ISO 9692.
  • Welded structure degree of accuracy STN EN ISO 13920 B,F.
  • Execution of the welds according to STN EN 5817-C.
  • Scope of welding inspection: 100 % visual test STN EN ISO 17637, 10 % light-through according to STN EN ISO 17636-1, STN EN ISO 10675-1, UT testing/radiographic testing STN EN ISO 11666, STN EN ISO 23279, STN EN ISO 17640.
  • other methods – Penetration STN EN ISO 23277, Magnetic STN EN ISO 17638, STN EN ISO 23278.
  • Base and filler metal material with an STN EN 10 204-2.2 certificate.
  • Personell for marking of loose items, parts and complete parts with number of project
  • Surface treatment accoding to STN EN ISO 12944.
  • Protocolls of the quality and completeness of products.

STN EN ISO 9001:2016

STN EN ISO 14001:2016


EN ISO 3834-2:2001

EN 1090-1:2014+A1:2011

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